Playing volleyball with One Hand

volleyballcollegeSo I am still trying to figure out why I worry so much.

When Haylee came home and told me she was going to play volleyball and flood of emotions overcame me.

Fear, overwhelming, scared, unsure, even a bit of anger.

Yes anger for how I was going to handle it when she came home upset because she could not do it.

But again I felt all these things for no reason at all.

Haylee started playing volleyball a few weeks ago and loves it.

So I decided to ask Haylee some questions about playing volleyball with only one hand.

What is the hardest thing about volleyball?

Learning the best way to serve.

Do you worry about the opposite team and what they think?

No not really. It just means they under estimate me. And that’s a good thing!

What is the hardest thing about playing volleyball with a little hand?

Setting. I don’t really have the “fingertips” to set properly.

Is there anything that is easier in volleyball with a little hand?

Bumping. If I use my one thumb I don’t really need to make sure I have a flat surface.

Do you suggest others with little hand try out volleyball?

Yes definitely. Try new things that seem really hard because then when your boss at it, if feels really good.

The Crazy Little Hand – Q & A with Haylee

10287292_1395685167379592_1450587931_nHaylee and I are starting something new.

Haylee is going to answer questions every week that people may have or questions that she has been asked before.

This week I asked the question and I love her answers.

Mom What is the one thing that drives you crazy about your little hand…

Haylee It’s very noticable.

Mom Anything else

Haylee No overall I don’t hate it

Mom What is the one thing that drive you crazy about your little hand when out in public

Haylee It’s very noticable and people stare but don’t ask what happened

Mom What is the craziest thing a stranger has ever said to you about your little hand

Haylee “It looks like a foot” haha

Mom What is the craziest story you have ever told about your little hand and how it happened

Haylee I said nothing happened to me all you guys got your hands stuck in a printer or something

Mom What is the craziest thing someone has ever asked you to do with your little hand

Haylee My Best Friend once asked me to stick it in HER mouth.. lol

Mom Anything crazy you want to share with all our readers…

Haylee People who truly love you won’t look at what you don’t have but focus on the good things you do have.

All things are possible

HayHayWhen Haylee was born I would of never believed that.

I would of never believe half the things she has done would of been possible.

This year Haylee has amazing me over and over again.

She is playing the bells with not one hand but two hands, thanks to shriners and their amazing cuff…

She is playing basketball again this year and is point guard and dribbling with both her right and left hand.

She is straight A’s and on the honor roll.

At the beginning of the school year she also was on the cross country team at school and ran every meet except for one.

Now I know… All things are possible no matter what kind of hand you are dealt!

Not What We Expected…

DoctorofficeHaylee and I headed to Shriner’s hospital on Sunday for an appointment on Monday.

We were expecting to get a prosthetic while we were there.

It was not what Haylee really wanted but it was what we though she would get.

See she plays the bells (looks like a huge xylophone) in band.

She has been playing them one handed for over a year.

But she recently decided that she wanted to improve her skills and play two handed.

So as we sat in the doctors office and talked to her Doctor, OT, and Prosthetic Doctor, Haylee voiced her opinion told them what she wanted to do but how she really did not want a prosthetic.

And they listened.

Haylee’s prosthetic Doctor came up with this amazing idea to create a cuff as we call it….

It fits around her little hand and then allows her to slide her mallet in and play the bells two handed.

It took a few tries of getting it right and making it so it worked just perfect  but it worked.

So we left there with much much more than we expected.

And Haylee was much much happier…

Another First…

photoI can’t believe that just 11 short years ago I was worried about Haylee living a normal life, having friend, doing things the other kids were doing.  And here we are 11 years later and Haylee has attended her first school dance. 

I still think back to the day when she was born and I was told she had no fingers on her little hand.  I remember thinking that day.  Would Haylee be invited to school dances, would anyone want to go to a school dance with her because she is different.  I remember wondering what was Amniotic Band Syndrome and how was it going to effect Haylee’s life.

People look at her now and ask me why were you ever worried.

That is an easy question to answer.

I was worried because I did not know ANYONE else that had been effected by ABS.

I did not have anyone to ask the million and one questions I had running around my head at the time.

Instead I assumed the worst when I could not find anything online except for negative.

But Haylee has amazing me beyond words, she is more than I ever imagined and has accomplished more than most kids her age has.  And the best part.  She has done it all with one hand.

Oh and the school dance went awesome and she had an amazing time.  And told us that she did not kiss any boys…..


First Day of Six Grade

I can’t believe where time has gone.

It seems like just yesterday she was born and now we are getting ready for middle school next year.

Haylee started the 6th grade just a few days ago.

She made sure she started out the year right with a new outfit, a new haircut and rocking shoes.

She really loves the school she is in and also seems to really enjoy riding the bus.

She has decided she will be playing the bass drum this year in band and is super excited about that because she said she is going to be like her cousin Jessica who is in a band.

She of course can’t wait to get to Jr. High but what child does not want to grow up.

I am super proud of everything Haylee has done in her life already and super excited about all the adventures that are to come in Haylee’s future.


Bringing out the best

If you have ever meet Haylee face to face you will know you will totally know what I mean by this title.  You meet Haylee and she instantly has this beautiful smile and eyes that look right deep down into your soul.  She will instantly bring out the best in you and make you also want to smile ear from ear.

Haylee inspires so many more people then she will ever know.

Daily she inspires Jim and myself to be the fun loving parents we have always been and teach her that it is ok to be unique.

She has helped so many Mom’s or soon to be Mom’s realize that a hand change, or other limb difference is not anything to be afraid of.

But most importantly she brings out the best in herself.

If see wants to swim she does.

If she wants to ride a bike standing up she does.

If she wants to do a cartwheel she does.

Actually anything she puts her mind to she does.

But her most important job she says is to make people aware of Amniotic Band Syndrome but more importantly to teach other children that just because you are different and unique, don’t let that stop you from being the very best.

Announcing Our New Facebook Group – Wonderful Wears

We are so excited to share with you our newest project, our new facebook group “Wonderful Wears”.  What are we all about you’re probably wondering, right? Well, I’ll tell you. You know how fast our kids grow out of clothes, they are just little weeds aren’t they?  Well, I thought to myself there is no sense in just tossing out our childrens specially made clothing.  There are other kids who could use them so that is where Wonderful Wears comes from.  This is a closed, private facebook group and we would love for you to join us there.

wonderful wears

The Wonderful Wears facebook group is a parent to parent clothing exchange group for our specially made kids!  As I mentioned before it is a closed group so you need to request an invite and the moderator will approve you.  Please feel free to share this group with others you know who may be interested – parents, therapists, etc.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Daddy’s little girl – Wordless Wednesday

Keeping it warm and having fun

Because Haylee was born with nubs on her left hand instead of fingers we have had a few challenges with that hand. Some challenges are very serious. But others we try and make as much fun as possible. We never let Amniotic Band Syndrome get us down!

One of the issues that we have found is keeping that little hand of hers warm. Because she does not have fingers to always move on that hand then the circulation is not as good as it should be.

Often times her little hand will get cold or even worse it will start to turn purple. Normally we put on a sock that we got when she had flower her prosthetic hand. But a little hand sock is ok but Haylee wanted something cooler and more fun.

Well one day she came home from school with a cell phone cover that looked like a hoodie. And she had me open up the bottom so that she could slip it over her little hand. That was fun and cool but now we need different colors and more fun.

So I found someone on etsy that knitted and asked her to make us some sweaters for Haylee’s little hand. And I have to tell you it is such an awesome and fun way for Haylee to keep her little hand warm but super stylish.

If you have a little hand and want a sweater let me know and we would be happy to send you one too.

Just click on the contact form and send us an email.