Devils Can be Beautiful

Halloween09This Picture is a little fuzzy but boy is she beautiful.

Haylee Meets Cadence

SS850027Two weeks ago on a Saturday was a very special day for us.  Haylee got to meet a young girl that has also been affected by Amniotic Band Syndrome. Cadence’s Mom brought her down to meet with us.  We were supposed to have a Lincoln ABS meet up but Cadence’s family was the only family to RSVP.  But we liked it that way.  It was a nice time to get to know Cadence and her mom and brother.  Amniotic band syndrome effects people in different ways.  Sometimes people have very noticeable effects to ABS while others you can hardly tell.

Cadence’s effects were somewhat the same but different at the same time.  A few things the girls learned about each other was one that Cadence has had surgery and Haylee has not.  Cadence has partial fingers or full fingers and Haylee does not.  Cadence is very very shy and Haylee is not.

The girls (and Cadence’s brother) played together very well once they got past the shy part.  Jim helped open them up by giving tractor rides.  Although Cadence was not quite ready to do that yet.  It was still wonderful to see them together and interacting.  I also want to Thank Darin Sargent for spending us the book her wrote called, “Thank You Mr. Jenkins”, We were able to give Cadence a signed copy from Darin.

But at the end of the day both girls are true gifts from God that only a select few get blessed with.