Good Child Care Signs


Hutchinson Day CareCreative Commons License photo credit: Mari & Nacho

I know that feeling.  You are starting to feel a little stressed about leaving your kids with someone besides yourself. I wanted you to know it is normal for you to feel that way. We all feel that way and even after years of your children going to daycare there are times when you still feel that way.

Since last week we talked about starting to look for child care I thought this week we would go into some signs of a good child care. But being able to spot signs of good child care will help you calm your nerves.  Here are just a few to look for:

Other Recommendations
Once you start interviewing providers or daycare facilities, it is very important to make sure and check their references and qualifications.  Someone may tell you they have past experience but you need to make sure that they truly do.

They Follow procedures and policies
Make sure the provider follows the states procedure and policies.  Many states require a certain number of adults for a certain number of children.  You can call your states licensing department to learn about the procedures and policies regarding daycare.  You also may want visit they daycare at different times of the day unannounced to make sure they are abiding by the policies and procedures.

Positive Interaction with your Child
Does the provider seem open, understanding and caring?  Do they truly seem to enjoy spending time with your child?  Are they patient with the questions you ask them?  But most important do they interact positively with your children?

If the provider is providing the service in your home does your home look clean and well maintained when you arrive home or is it totally destroyed and nothing picked up?  If your child is going to a facility or the providers home make sure that it is a clean environment and they are also promoting cleanliness.

Safety, Safety, Safety
Do the child make sure that your child is safe?  If your child is going outside the home for daycare make sure the facility or home is childproofed and that they have safety precautions.  Also make sure that the provider knows infant and child CPR and first aid.  Also find out how they handle an emergencies.

Planned Activities
Anyone can turn on the TV and let the TV babysit your child.  You need to make sure that they have planned various activities, such as learning games, crafts, and projects.  Also make sure they provide quality time outside.

Your Child Likes the Provider
Make sure your child truly enjoys spending time with the provider, if they are happy with the provider you know they are in good hands.

These are just a few signs of good daycare.  You might want to write a list of what you would consider good daycare.  Also make sure your current provider matches these signs. And don’t ever be afraid to trust your instincts.  Your the parent, and you know what is best for your children.