Brave ~ Haylee can’t wait!

Haylee has been talking about this movie since she heard it was coming out.  Haylee can’t wait to see it and wanted to share with you the trailer and some images she thought was super cool.

You can also check out Disney Pixar’s facebook page here:

Teaching our kids how important saving money is

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I remember when I was growing up that I never receive allowance.  Yes I did chores but it was part of every day living not part of doing it so I could earn money.  I remember asking for money and normally it being handed to me.  I also remember never being taught the importance of money and saving money.  Because it was always just handed to me I never really knew what it was like to earn money and save money.

Once I was old enough to be out on my own I had  no idea how to manage money, save money or spend money.  I blew everything I made right away and then struggled until the next paycheck.  I did not know what  a budget was or even how to write a check or get a checking account.  I did not know that if I wrote a check without money in the bank than I had to pay that money back plus some.  I literally ruined my credit at a very young age.

But as I got older and wiser I guess you could say it finally hit me.  What I need to do to make it in life.  I had to learn to save money, budget, and make my money last.  And ever since than I haven been on a long hard road to building my credit back up.   I vowed to teach my children the value of a dollar and how to save, spend, and donate money.

Since our kids were very young we taught them that they had to work for their money and that if they wanted to buy something they could do one of two things.  They could either use their own money or if they really wanted it they could borrow from us but they would need to pay us back.  We have been teaching them how to make a budget.  How to save their money and not spend it right away.  We have taught them that if you really want it you need to think about it for at least a week before you purchase it.  Research it and make sure you can’t find it anywhere else cheaper.

But most importantly we have taught them the value of a dollar and how to save their money.  They don’t waste their money.  Both of our youngest kids save their money and even use their own money to buy Christmas presents for the family.  Not to bad for a 16 year old and a 10 year old huh???

What are you doing to teach your kids how important saving your money and the value of a dollar?

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Zhu Zhu For Me Zhu Zhu For You

I remember when Zhu Zhu’s first came out and Haylee begged me for a Zhu Zhu pet.  I will admit I did not give in at first.  But since that day the Zhu-niverse has expanded, I finally gave in and now have many Zhu Zhu’s in my house.

Many years and Zhu Zhu’s later we now have a whole Zhu-niverse in my daughters room.  We have pets, puppies, hamsters, kung Zhu’s and so many different things to play with that on a good day I can’t even count how many there are and don’t think we could ever get bored playing with Zhu Zhu’s.

One of my favorite things about Zhu Zhu’s is that you can’t out grow them.  My 9 year old daughter has them, my 5 year old nephew has them, and my 10 year old niece even collects them.  Recently, we have added a new Zhu Zhu Puppy, Zhu Zhu Puppy outfit and Fun Time Laundry Room to my daughters never ending Zhu-niverse.   And I have to be the first to admit that both my daughter and myself have had an amazing time playing, dressing, and washing her Zhu Zhu puppies cloths.  I think that thing that made me really smile about the Laundry Room was the fact that even Zhu Zhu Puppies need to wash their cloths and take care of themselves.

We have had so much fun with our Zhu Zhu puppy and outfit that we have the opportunity to share a Zhu Zhu puppy and outfit with you.  All you need to do is leave us a comment telling us who in your house or family would like to adopt a Zhu Zhu Puppy and why you think they would like to Adopt one.  We will choose the winners on September 12th.

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Why We Love Crocs

So as many of you know we are madly in love with crocs.  But not because of the same reasons that average person is.  Have you ever gone into a croc store and really looked around?  First if you have not you have to go do it and plan to send half they day there madly in love with everything you see.  But it is not because of all the pretty colors and different styles.

It is because Crocs slip on.  And for us that is awesome.  Because with one hand, tying your shoes is very hard.  With crocs they have so many different styles of shoes that we can find slip on shoes for just about all seasons.

Crocs not only had 10 fingered kids in mind when they created crocs but they also had our kids with special needs in mind.  They make it so easy for our kids to still be stylish but also be able to slip on these shoes and go.

Haylee loves this because she does not have to ask her teachers or friends at school to help her lace her shoes up.

So the next time you go to buy a awesome pair of shoes.. remember who makes buying shoes super easy.. CROCS…..

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Our Critter Friends Looking For New Homes

All Wrapped Up Wordless Wednesday

Just Dance Summer Party on Wii ~ Super Fun

We recently had the opportunity to review  Just Dance Summer Party on Wii.  And I have to be honest at first I was like well the kids should have fun, but was not too sure how much fun my husband and I would have.  My husband and I don’t always have the best time on the wii when it comes to dancing.

But Just Dance Summer Party on Wii totally changed that for me.  We had the most fun amazing time with this game.  First my favorite part was it was all songs that I totally knew and were appropiate for the whole family.

Second they have a super fun part where you interact with the other dancer and dance together at parts.  We laughed and had so much fun that when we had family over the next day we all got in on dancing and shaking our stuff.

This is one game I would recommend for everyone to get.  The young and the old.  And it is even better for us because with  my daughter only having one hand it did not require the numchuck so she was able to have even more fun because she was not worried about how she was going to hold both controllers.

Two of my favorite songs were:

Barbie Girl and Funkytown

If you are looking for a  great family friendly Wii game for the whole family to have fun with I would totally suggest Just Dance Summer Party on Wii.

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Disney’s Prom is almost here…

Haylee has been talking about the prom movie for weeks now.  She is super excited to go and see the movie when it comes out April 29th.  She has already picked who she is taking to the prom… 😉

At “Prom,” every couple has a story and no two are exactly alike. Several intersecting stories unfold at one high school as the big dance approaches; “Prom” portrays the precarious passage from high school to independence as some relationships unravel and others ignite. For Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), it’s a battle of wills as she finds herself drawn to the guy (Thomas McDonell) who gets in the way of her perfect prom. Fellow seniors Mei (Yin Chang) and Tyler (De’Vaughn Nixon) harbor secrets, while others face all the insecurity and anticipation that surrounds one of high school’s most seminal events. There are hundreds of nights in high school, but there’s only one “Prom.” Featuring an emerging ensemble cast and a powerful soundtrack, “Prom” hits theaters April 29, 2011.

Several intersecting stories unfold at one high school as the big dance approaches; “Prom” portrays the precarious passage from high school to independence as some relationships unravel and others ignite.

Webkinz Jr. Party

We were recently fortunate enough to be able to host our first ever Webkinz Jr. Mommy Party…. And I have to be honest.  At first I was a little nervous about hosting a Mommy Party because I had never done this before.  But I have to tell you it went off without a hitch and the kids were begging me to have another one…

We had an amazing time creating crafts, playing games and having snacks.

Each of the kids left with their own Webkinz Jr., a coloring book, a CD, two crafts they created, a wonderful bag that they were able to put everything into and much more.

We started out the party with a couple ice breaker games just to get the kids juices flowing and to get them excited about meeting their Webkinz Jr.’s.  Then during snack time we introduced the kids to the online world of Webkinz Jr. and had some awesome cookies shaped like the Webkinz Animals.

The kids were so excited to meet their Webkinz Jr. that once I started passing them out they were laughing and screaming and playing..

We ended the party creating a Friendship bracelet for themselves and their Webkinz Jr. and than we sent supplies home to make their own paper bag puppets.

One of my favorite things about Webkinz Jr. is how safe it is for my daughter to play games and interact with other children online.

If you want to find out more about Webkinz Jr. Take this awesome tour that will have your children begging for a Webkinz Jr. by the time they are done watching the tour.

Sorry there are not more pictures to share but I had so much fun at the party that I completely forgot to take pictures.

Friday Faves

We wanted to share with you our five favorite sites for this week.  We are going to try and do this every week.  IT is a mixture of sites between Haylee and I and ever week we are going to feature five new favorite sites.

Raising CEO Kids ~ Who would not want to raise CEO Kids…You can also find them on twitter @raisingceokids

Little Fin ~ Our newest find for a little hand (or fin).  This mom is rocking as she blogs about her adventures with her sweet child that God made that way!

Foo Pets ~ Besides being fun, the entire FooPets experience is designed to be educational and help your child learn about responsible pet care. A FooPet makes the perfect “warm up pet” or “substitute pet” to make sure your child is ready for the real thing. A FooPet is a “real” virtual pet and will teach your child real world skills.

Webkinz ~ Ok I will tell the truth.. We both play on this site. You can also find them on twitter @webkinz

Parents Connect ~ This is an amazing site that has just about everything a parent would want or need.  There are games, giveaways, advice, articles and much more all for parents by parents. You can also find them on twitter @parentsconnect