Playing volleyball with One Hand

volleyballcollegeSo I am still trying to figure out why I worry so much.

When Haylee came home and told me she was going to play volleyball and flood of emotions overcame me.

Fear, overwhelming, scared, unsure, even a bit of anger.

Yes anger for how I was going to handle it when she came home upset because she could not do it.

But again I felt all these things for no reason at all.

Haylee started playing volleyball a few weeks ago and loves it.

So I decided to ask Haylee some questions about playing volleyball with only one hand.

What is the hardest thing about volleyball?

Learning the best way to serve.

Do you worry about the opposite team and what they think?

No not really. It just means they under estimate me. And that’s a good thing!

What is the hardest thing about playing volleyball with a little hand?

Setting. I don’t really have the “fingertips” to set properly.

Is there anything that is easier in volleyball with a little hand?

Bumping. If I use my one thumb I don’t really need to make sure I have a flat surface.

Do you suggest others with little hand try out volleyball?

Yes definitely. Try new things that seem really hard because then when your boss at it, if feels really good.

The Crazy Little Hand – Q & A with Haylee

10287292_1395685167379592_1450587931_nHaylee and I are starting something new.

Haylee is going to answer questions every week that people may have or questions that she has been asked before.

This week I asked the question and I love her answers.

Mom What is the one thing that drives you crazy about your little hand…

Haylee It’s very noticable.

Mom Anything else

Haylee No overall I don’t hate it

Mom What is the one thing that drive you crazy about your little hand when out in public

Haylee It’s very noticable and people stare but don’t ask what happened

Mom What is the craziest thing a stranger has ever said to you about your little hand

Haylee “It looks like a foot” haha

Mom What is the craziest story you have ever told about your little hand and how it happened

Haylee I said nothing happened to me all you guys got your hands stuck in a printer or something

Mom What is the craziest thing someone has ever asked you to do with your little hand

Haylee My Best Friend once asked me to stick it in HER mouth.. lol

Mom Anything crazy you want to share with all our readers…

Haylee People who truly love you won’t look at what you don’t have but focus on the good things you do have.

Looming with One Hand

loomingAs most of you know Haylee only has five fingers.  Her left hand has what we would call nubs.  Haylee was born missing her fingers on her left hand due to Amniotic Band Syndrome. And because of this there are times that Haylee finds it very difficult to do certain things.

When the newest crazy hit the schools called looming I was a bit concerned at first because Haylee wanted to loom but I was not sure it could be done with just one hand.

So I did what any Mom would do.  I Googled it and found videos and watched many of the videos seeing if anything was being done with just one hand.  Of course every video I found was people looming with two hands.

But I decided that since Haylee has been able to do so many other things with just one hand that I was sure with some practice she could loom also with one hand.

And this girl has done more than prove me wrong.  She is a looming queen.

She takes her loom and all her rubber bands everywhere she goes.

Have you ever run into something that you did not purchase because you were afraid your child could not do it with one hand?

Kids and Resolutions?

Driving om empty road under the rainbowDo you set resolutions for yourself?

Do you help your kids set resolutions?

For so many years we used to set New Year Resolutions.

So because we did then the kids would follow suit and do the same thing.

But it always happened that by the time February hit the resolutions were long gone and forgotten.

So we decided to do something different this year.

We decided that we would not do a resolution.

Instead we talked about where we see ourselves at the end of the year, or what we wanted to do different this year.

Once we decide this we then turned this into a long term but a reachable goal and then from there we worked our way backwards to set mini goals that would help us track our progress, and take baby steps to get to where we really wanted to be at the end of the year, or helped us make the changed we wanted to make for the year.

We decided that once we month we would pick a night and just talk about our progress, discuss our struggles and also praise each others triumphs.

And for the first time our kids are excited about the rainbow at the end of the year.

Marco Inspires us…

marcoMarco is such an amazing young boy.

His mother has been kind enough to share Marco’s  progress with us for some time now.

And when Marco’s mom sent me this picture I had to ask her if I could share it.

Marco is a truly inspirational child.

When I asked Marco’s mom if there was anything she wanted to add to go with this picture I got the most amazing and inspirational quotes ever.

“Nothing can stop him from accomplishing his dreams only his over protective mother!”

That quote alone say so much.


All things are possible

HayHayWhen Haylee was born I would of never believed that.

I would of never believe half the things she has done would of been possible.

This year Haylee has amazing me over and over again.

She is playing the bells with not one hand but two hands, thanks to shriners and their amazing cuff…

She is playing basketball again this year and is point guard and dribbling with both her right and left hand.

She is straight A’s and on the honor roll.

At the beginning of the school year she also was on the cross country team at school and ran every meet except for one.

Now I know… All things are possible no matter what kind of hand you are dealt!

Not What We Expected…

DoctorofficeHaylee and I headed to Shriner’s hospital on Sunday for an appointment on Monday.

We were expecting to get a prosthetic while we were there.

It was not what Haylee really wanted but it was what we though she would get.

See she plays the bells (looks like a huge xylophone) in band.

She has been playing them one handed for over a year.

But she recently decided that she wanted to improve her skills and play two handed.

So as we sat in the doctors office and talked to her Doctor, OT, and Prosthetic Doctor, Haylee voiced her opinion told them what she wanted to do but how she really did not want a prosthetic.

And they listened.

Haylee’s prosthetic Doctor came up with this amazing idea to create a cuff as we call it….

It fits around her little hand and then allows her to slide her mallet in and play the bells two handed.

It took a few tries of getting it right and making it so it worked just perfect  but it worked.

So we left there with much much more than we expected.

And Haylee was much much happier…

A Note Haylee Wrote


Make sure and grab some tissues.

I was cleaning off my desk just the other day and found this note that Haylee wrote.

This note alone speaks the most powerful words and give you just a wee gimps on how amazing Haylee is.


She Continues to Amaze Me

HayleeamazingI still often catch myself thinking back to the day Haylee was born.

To the day I though will she ever live a normal life…

I was so afraid that Amniotic Band Syndrome had ruined my daughters life before she had really even got to live it…

But that girl continues to amazing me.

This year is her first year and 7th grade.

And I was a little worried that things would be so different for her.

They are different for her but in such an amazing way.

This year she is playing the bells, doing choir, cross country and can’t wait for basketball season to start.

She does all this and more with a little hand…

A little hand that I though would cause so much heart ache in her life..

Boy was I wrong.

Amniotic Band Syndrome blessed our lives beyond words.


Another First…

photoI can’t believe that just 11 short years ago I was worried about Haylee living a normal life, having friend, doing things the other kids were doing.  And here we are 11 years later and Haylee has attended her first school dance. 

I still think back to the day when she was born and I was told she had no fingers on her little hand.  I remember thinking that day.  Would Haylee be invited to school dances, would anyone want to go to a school dance with her because she is different.  I remember wondering what was Amniotic Band Syndrome and how was it going to effect Haylee’s life.

People look at her now and ask me why were you ever worried.

That is an easy question to answer.

I was worried because I did not know ANYONE else that had been effected by ABS.

I did not have anyone to ask the million and one questions I had running around my head at the time.

Instead I assumed the worst when I could not find anything online except for negative.

But Haylee has amazing me beyond words, she is more than I ever imagined and has accomplished more than most kids her age has.  And the best part.  She has done it all with one hand.

Oh and the school dance went awesome and she had an amazing time.  And told us that she did not kiss any boys…..